Well -.- I ACKNOWLEDGE I miss you
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Assalamualaikum , dear peeps . holla friends . okay , today I'm not very well . juz got a fever . ouch , damn ! i dont love it It was difficult for me to do the work . but , I am a strong spirit of the work I do . Okay , nvm . I do not like about this story near you , so better you alls  hear exactly what i want to close story . okay , before that i acknowledge i miss him damn fuckin much . I dont know why ?? argh ! very painful . For two weeks we are not texting , i felt very bored . Yar , i acknowledge miss him damn damn much . When I can be texting you again? Pliss , i real miss you . Why are you so busy? What do you do now
? Day after tomorrow you say you will texting me when I okay . now i'm okay but im still could not text from you . where are you go huh ? Plis come back , i miss you so much . dont leave me alone . I cant live without youuu . Argh ! Where promise you ? dare you !! sokay , i know you are busy but at least for me one or two of your text. I miss you ! it does not matter, I understand. perhaps you have your work to be completed , better before you finish your work, then we have just text okaysorry, because too Judging by feelings , but the only one I know you, I miss you . Take care and always remember thts ALLAH always be us . Imiss you and  i love you . sincerely from my heart, your beby Domo :))

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