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Hai prettay awesomer guys! How today? Hope today we get more bless from Allah. Amin~ Okayy, today i'm not gonna come to school because i having a fever. Okayy really ohsem i thought. But, thanks to Allah cause give me time to rest at home. Love this! Hewhew :-)

Okayyy, i just got all my result of revision exam. Really really worst. I thought i can get 7A's actually but unfortunately i just got 3A's. I'm really sad you know :( But my father said, i still have time. I need to upgrade my effort. Study more smart and insyAllah i can make my dreams true. InsyAllah~

My teacher said- Kalau kita nak berjaya benda yang paling kita buat ialah jaga hubungan baik kita dengan Allah, second dengan ibu bapa, third dengan guru guru kita , forth dengan kawan kawan kita and the last dengan semua orang. If kita berjaya buat semua ni, insyAllah. Allah akan permudahkan segala urusan kita-

So kawan kawan ku diluar sana, if i had makes wrongdoings please forgive me and prayy for me. I'm begging you :( I want makes my parents proud of me. Please.

So guys, last from me but no least, I love this way i am. Thanks Allah. Thanks Ayah and thanks for you alls. Amin~ Byeeeee!

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