Dunia oh Dunia~
Saturday, 25 February 2012 • 19:23 • 0 comments

Good Morning guys. How are you today? Mine, Alhamdulilah. So far so good. My studies also good. Alhamdulilah~ Okayy, tomorrow school is open again. And i like excited to go to school tomorrow. Cause of what? I still don't know. Okayyy, next week i have to sit UPPM 1 and i like OMG! Siyes? Okayyy, actually i'm not ready yet. Ohsem aite? Okayyy, abaikan.

Let me tell you about something. Firstly, about my boy. Okayyy, 20.2.2012. I thought it was awesome date aite? Okayy, thats my anny date with my only boy Muhammad Hamidi bin Abd Rahman. Okayy, he was very patient boy. Smart and handsome boy. I love him so much but I love Allah more than him. Hewehw :-) He very caring to me. How i wish he can be the first and last friend for me. I miss his voice, joking, smiling, singing and all about him. Please kayy jangan buat saya rasa macam nak mati. Haha :p

Okayy, second about my studies. Alhamdulilah~ I can handle all of the chapter form I and 2. I have to maintain all the subject A's. My dad said, i can if i work more hard. InsyAllah dad, i will make you proud of me one day. And i want my dad know thats i want school SMK Puteri in cyberjaya. The school was ohsem. Yes, very awesome! How i wish i can enter the school. Hope it :)

Third, my life was very awesome! I love life like this. Hidup akan jadi tak bermakna jika kita tak pandai menghargai dan bersyukur dengan segala nikmat yang telah Allah berikan. Trust me :-) Orang yang pandai menghayati setiap kejadian Allah, hidup dia sumpah awesome gila! Rugi kalau kita hidup hanya untuk suka suka. Ye, rugi gila. Why not kita stand and stare like cows and sheeps. Enjoy the beauty of nature aite? Very awesome ahhh! :p I love this!

Hahaha, merepek aku menaip. Nway sebelum aku publish meh aku tunjuk pic beby ucuk akuuu.

The Disclaimer!

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