Fever -.- Ohsem :(
Friday, 25 November 2011 • 05:35 • 0 comments

Hai guys. Lets straight to the point and see the tittle upstair? Ok FEVER. What the important thingy that I want told you is Im haters Fever. Please laaaah, tak sukaaaaa. Why should I have to face this? Ya Allah, sungguh peritnya. Lagi lagi bila ayah cakap ' Nadiah ayah tengok awak macam dah nak kene demam campak' Allah, aku menjerittt. Please, aku taknak. But why? Ohsem kan :(

Hm, I dont get any mood to told about this. Im so sad cause Izzaq doesnt rep my text. Oh, kejamnye kauuu. Tahu lah dah famous kan? Great and Nice! Bencinye. Fine fine fine. Ape ape pon aku still tunggu kau kan? Gedik :> Hope kau sembuh cepat ye sayang. Aku kat sini sentiasa mendoakan kau. Amin.

Im lack of idea to tell you something. Next time aku datang story lagi. Okbai :*

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