Having a photoshoot with Batrisyah :)
Saturday, 28 January 2012 • 05:46 • 0 comments

Hai beloved fellas. Hewhew. School is coming soon and i am so lazy. Teachers, please give more time to us for holiday? Please please please. Ok, silent. Whatever ahh kan. School or not are still bring the same condition thats i have to be more struggle to catch up straights A's in PMR. Hm, i really really need it. O Allah, please.

Okayy, stop it here. Now lets started our story. Hewhew. I'm really excited to tell you all about this! Okay. Just now i have been a photoshoot with my beloved cousin is Batrisyah. Okayy, she really quite cute and prettayyy :) OMG! I'm really really jeleous with her. She very very untung cause have cute face, large eyes and straight hair. OMG! I'm really adore for it.

So let me show some of the picture that i capture. Sorry for the less qualities. Hope you all enjoyed it kayyy :-)

Okayy, this picture where i told her to wear the hijjab. OMG! She really cute and damn prettay :) O Allah, sungguh indahnya ciptaan mu itu. Alhamdulilah. Hope one day tisyah will wear the hijjab. Amin :> Okayy, tisyah memang pandai bergaya.

This picture are really really made me *melting. Huahua. Tisyah, akak dah tak tahu nak cakap apa. Yang akak nak tisyah dengar is -----------------> YOU VERY PRETTY SAYANG! haha. LOL. Ngegada kan akak kan? Hewhew. Nevermind, untung lah akak ada adik macam tisyah. And last for you guys, i like this picture so much. Really damn much.

Yeahhhh! Tisyah adik kaka yang paling cantik :> Omeyy nye domo tu macam tisyah jugak. Okay sayang. Keep smiling for me kaaaay. Hahaha. Thats all for today guys. I'm really really jeleous with my sista :> Nevermind. Sorry for the less of the picture but i hope you all really enjoyed for it kayy. See you later. Byeee :-)

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