I will try my best.
Sunday, 29 January 2012 • 04:29 • 0 comments

Good evening fellas. How are you today? I? InsyAllah fine already. Ok tomorrow school is open again and i like suck! Okayy, actually i'm too lazy to wake up in the morning. Hahaha. LOL, Okayy, how bout you guys? I thought you all do the same like me en? Hahaha, okayy *gimme five. Huahua.

Today was great cause i just break up with my ex-boyfirend. I don't want to mention he hear cause i still don't know why. Hm, let he with his way and i with my way. Okayy, started from today i don't want to be in love again cause i'm really really hurt. Hurt cause no one understand what i just have been through. Okayy, nevermind, i will try my best to forget him and do like nothing happen. Okay chill sayang :)

Even i still love him so damn much but i hate him damn much too. Heart can't lies anything right? Whatever ahh kan. I still want him backkkkk! urgh. it so hurt yknowwww.

Hm, i don;t have any mood to story much. Okguys, come back to school. Enjoyed your studies and mine too kayyy. Bye and Assalamualaikum.

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