I gonna miss you :')
Wednesday, 8 February 2012 • 01:48 • 0 comments

Good Evening fellas. How're you? Mine? Alhamdulilah. All gonna be okayy. Okayy, i had done sit my history, bahasa arab , bahasa melayu and agama paper. It really quite easy for me thats why i can't answer the question. Hewhew. Nevermind, how i wish the paper will be nice to me, yeah! its really mean. Alhamdulilah. Okayy, tomorrow i will sit science, Matematik and english paper. So i wish these paper also be nice to me, Okay? Hehe. Hope tomorrow will be fine :D

Okayy guys, i have some stories i thought to share with all of you. Hehe, i know you all right now must be impatiently right? Hahaha, okayyy. Lately i always miss someone. Someone? Who he is? Hehehe, lemme tell or not. Hahaha, straight forward. I miss this person a lot ---------------------> MUHAMMAD NASRULLAH BIN MUSTAFFAR. hewhew :D I miss you, i love you and i need you my boy. please do take care of yourself kayy. Hope one day what we have been wish will be real. Hope it :D

Biarlah apa orang nak kata, biarlah apa orang nak cakap. Yang penting kita kenal diri kita. Study smart not study hard kayyy. I'm gonna miss you, I'm gonna waiting for you, I'm gonna said I LOVE YOU. hehehe. Malunyaaa, tapi apa boleh buat. Kahkah.
So guys, wish luck for we. Hope our relationship will be last longer. InsyAllah :)

'Everyone has someone special, me too' :D

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