Imma hurt.
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Ibu, jika awak betul betul ada kat sebelah saya mesti awak akan tahu apa yang saya rasa. Tolonglah saya tak mampu nak luahkan semuanya. Hm, Ya Allah. Aku mohon kepadamu permudahkanlah segala urusan urusanku dan berilah aku kekuatan untuk hadapi semua ni. Mom, i really really need you. Hm, my life was suck! Aku tak tahu dengan sapa aku nak luah tapi....... Ya, Allah is always beside us. Ya Allah, bantulah aku :3 Mom, how i wish you will here stay we me. I thought it must be very happy right? Hm, yes i know.

Nana, chill. You need to be more patient. What Allah said, 'Sabar itu separuh dari iman' So you have to accept all things that happened on you. No one know what you have been through, but Allah known and Allah arrange all. So you have to face him and tell out your problems. Trust me, Allah is good listener for all humans in this wild world. Trust me :D

If you thing that you are always wrong, you're false. Everyone do mistakes and you have to learn from your mistakes. No ones perfect in this world but i know you can be more worth it right? Chill and acting like nothing happened. InsyAllah, you will. Ignore all people who always make you down, and change their mind about you. You can.

Started new life, new one of you, and make new journey for you. Aim what you want and insyAllah if you make more effort on what you want, you can get it. Trust me, and i know you can do it. Even you have someone special beside you but sometime we can't share all our stories with them. Not means, we're not trusted him/her maybe we need more privacy. So, you have to sit and remember all what you have done since 15 years past and take note what you have done. Great things or worst things? We need to change and realize. Now time to short and maybe tomorrow we will die, no one know right. So from now you have to change.

Ya Allah, help me. I'm really need you.

Okayy, no matter what, i have to change all my mind. And set goals for what i want. Aku tak boleh cepat putus asa macam ni, kalau tak sampai bila aku nak tahan. Okayyy, i need to change. InsyAllah i will. Thanks :D

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