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Friday, 10 February 2012 • 06:57 • 0 comments

Hai people. Hihi, how are you? I'm fine, Alhamdulilah. Hewhew. Okayy today was a last day exam for my revision subject. Okayy, not to easy and not to hard. Just i can answer all the question. Alhamdulilah again. And today i had done sit for my KH and Geo subject. Okayy, i'm surrender with my marks and i know after this i have to be more struggle to catch up and score the paper. LOL, like what my teacher's said

"Kalau usaha biasa biasa awak dapat 85% macam mana pulak dengan usaha awak yang betul betul nanti? Mesti awak boleh capai 90% or 100%"

Yeah! I love this! Teacher thanks for give me some advice and i know this just warming up for my brain to remember all the chapter and Alhamdulilah, i still can remember all that. And i hope, it will stay in my mind until i have to sit for PMR. Hewhew, i'm really afraid of it :3

Okayy, today i just got marks for my B.Arab, P.Islam and Sej subject. Yeah, yknow what i'm really excited of it. Hewhew. Alhamdulilah, i got 2A for subject B.Arab and Agama but unfortunately i got c in my history subj. Okayyy, nevermind. Like whatmy teacher's said, InsyAllah i will. Hewhew.

Like what my sister's said

"Jangan nak preasure preasure sangat ahh kan"

Yeah! Bermakna jugak actually qoute ni. Hewhew. Okayyy, after this, i have to upgrade my effort and struggle to get straight A's. Kalau orang buta boleh berjaya, why not aku pun boleh jugak kan? So, usaha tanga kejayaaan.! Hewhew. Okbyeee :D Salam sayang :*

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